The Western Pennsylvania Foodways Archive will utilize oral histories, interviews, recipes, images, and written text to document the stories of the region, using food as a tool to uncover a meaningful past. This archive provides evidence of culture and food labors of many people, including women and ethnic-racial groups who are often underrepresented in historical narratives.

The goal is to collect and share oral histories, as well as contextual material such as interviews, recipes, images, and written text, to document the agriculture and food stories of the region. This archive will provide a home for food, labor, and gender knowledge that may have otherwise gone undiscovered, by making them accessible to the public and tying them to practical workshops, aligned with the principles of public history.

By collecting these stories, we honor the men and women whose hard work enriches the landscape of Southwest Pennsylvania's food and culture. 

oral history projects:

Babka and Beyond

A history of bread, grains, and baked goods in Western Pennsylvania


Hidden Kitchens

A historical look at women's labor in restaurant and home kitchens throughout the Pittsburgh region

Project details coming soon!


Italian-American Foodways

An exploration of the Italian-American food experience in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Bloomfield

Project details coming soon!