The Eden Hall Bread Oven

In conjunction with the missions and goals of CRAFT, the Eden Hall Bread Oven will be a focal point of the Eden Hall Campus, showcasing the importance of baking bread and breaking bread within a community. 

Once constructed, the oven will act as a gathering place for students, staff, and community members, creating a meaningful space for community engagement at the Eden Hall Campus. 

The oven will not only be used for food production, but will celebrate the heritage and future of our region's resilient grain system through trainings, workshops, and events. Furthermore, Chatham students and community members may utilize the oven for research, product development and business development, working side-by-side with local growers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

The Bread Oven Coordinator, Shauna Kearns, has been teaching Sourdough workshops at the Eden Hall campus, and all proceeds from these workshops have gone directly to funding the Eden Hall Bread Oven. Check out our Events page for the upcoming workshop schedule. 

Once the fundraising is complete, apprentices and masons from the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh will be working with us to build our oven. At the Trade Institute, Steve Shelton runs an intensive training program for men and women that leads to a livable wage. We are thrilled to be working with them on this new project!