What We Can Do For You

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to do recipe testing, or an organization searching for resources for a research project, CRAFT can be there to help. Below are a list of services that we are offering to the community. 

If you are interested in any of our services, please fill out our intake form and we will get back to you shortly.

For questions about which service is right for you, e-mail us here.

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Product Development

We can assist entrepreneurs, both new and established, in recipe testing and product development through the use of our Kitchen Lab, in conjunction with our Food Studies curriculum and student researchers, and by facilitating connections within our regional network.


Research Support

CRAFT can provide support to individuals and organizations looking to conduct research thatstrengthens an integrated food system. Through our experience in both quantitative and qualitative research, including data gathering, mapping, oral histories, and other methods, we can provide tools and researchers to help you reach your goals.


Events & Promotion

Housed at Chatham University's scenic Eden Hall Campus, CRAFT can assist your organization with event hosting, promotion, and other support.


Education & Training

A pillar of CRAFT's mission is to educate and train students and community members. CRAFT is always open to collaborating with individuals and organizations interested in participating in or facilitating educational demonstrations and workshops.



We can provide visibility for research, projects, programming, and events. Through our vast network of collaborators and friends, we can connect you and your project to the resources you need.