CRAFT, in conjunction with the Food Studies program at Chatham University, has ongoing research and projects that will be developed and housed within the center.

Since CRAFT's founding in early 2018, the center has been working on projects revolving around a Food and Agriculture Innovation Lab, GIS mapping, education, and oral histories. Please view our project pages and events calendar to learn more about our current initiatives, as well as projects we plan to implement in the future. 

While CRAFT entertains projects that are geographically relevant to our location in Western Pennsylvania, we are also open to collaboration on any projects or research that intersect with our mission. If you'd like to learn more about specific projects or inquire about working with us, please use our connect page to reach out.

The Food and Agriculture innovation lab

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CRAFT’s Food and Agricultural Innovation Lab bridges the gap between entrepreneurs or businesses with an idea for a product, menu, or culinary innovation and those ready to fully execute its production in a rental or incubator space. The Food and Agricultural Innovation Lab offers a multidimensional approach for the growth and diversity of food businesses, specifically targeting food entrepreneurs, community members, and students before they enter the world of incubator, commissary, and commercial kitchens. Additionally, the Lab provides educational opportunities for farmers around various agricultural techniques, sustainable innovation, and business development. By targeting both agricultural and value-added food producers, the Lab will also foster connections on both the supply and demand sides of the market, supporting and strengthening opportunities for products and recipes that target regionally or sustainably sourced ingredients and products with niche market capability. Through hands-on training, workshops, and product and business development services covering the components of agricultural and value-added food production, CRAFT’s Food and Agricultural Innovation Lab expects to train the next generation of food entrepreneurs and workers in a new food system.

Product Development

Through the utilization of the Food and Agriculture Innovation Lab, CRAFT is dedicated to helping local farmers, food businesses, and entrepreneurs with recipe testing and product development, in order to create market-ready products for today's consumers.

CRAFT and Chatham University’s Food Studies program are currently partnering with Tomanetti Food Products and Weatherbury Farm to create a hyper-local pizza. Over the past year, CRAFT staff, Chatham faculty, and students have conducted test product development utilizing locally sourced grains from Weatherbury Farm, and completed market research on product positioning and sourcing for cheese and sauce, with the goal of coming to market in early 2019.

Students in the Masters of Food Studies program have also experimented with their own products, ranging from infused honey, rye flour, pickled vegetables, ferments, and heirloom popcorn. They have also previously collaborated with Wigle Whiskey to create whiskey products, and La Prima Espresso Co. to create a unique espresso blend.  




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The following maps have been completed or are currently being completed through CRAFT, and are intended for public use. 

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Farmers' Market Map


The following map is an interactive view of all farmers' markets, CSA pick-up sites, and farm stands in Pennsylvania. The map is searchable by county, farm name, city, and more. 

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Agriculture Product Map

The following map details where agricultural products such as feed, hay, and livestock are being produced in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The map is searchable by county, type of product, city, and more.

The map will be available for public use very soon!

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Agricultural Capacity Map

The following map is a view of local food production in Southwest Pennsylvania. Separated by industry, this map shows where local farmers are producing food in our area.

The map will be available for public use very soon!

Allegheny County Food Businesses.png

Food Business Capacity Map



The following map is an interactive view of local food businesses in Allegheny County. Separated by industry, this map shows where local food businesses are producing food products in our area.

The map will be available for public use very soon!


The Eden Hall Bread Oven

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In conjunction with the missions and goals of CRAFT, the Eden Hall Bread Oven will be a focal point of the Eden Hall Campus, showcasing the importance of baking bread and breaking bread within a community. 

Once constructed, the oven will act as a gathering place for students, staff, and community members, creating a meaningful space for community engagement at the Eden Hall Campus. 

The oven will not only be used for food production, but will celebrate the heritage and future of our region's resilient grain system through trainings, workshops, and events. Furthermore, Chatham students and community members may utilize the oven for research, product development and business development, working side-by-side with local growers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

Local bakers have been teaching sourdough, flatbread, pizza and other bread and dough workshops at the Eden Hall campus, and all proceeds from these workshops have gone directly to funding the Eden Hall Bread Oven. Check out our Events page for the upcoming workshop schedule. 

Once the fundraising is complete, apprentices and masons from the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh will be working with us to build our oven. At the Trade Institute, Steve Shelton runs an intensive training program for men and women that leads to a livable wage. We are thrilled to be working with them on this new project!




In collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED) and with gracious funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission, CRAFT is currently working on the development of culinary trails within Pennsylvania’s Appalachian region that highlight the region’s rich culinary heritage.

The primary objective of the project is to promote economic opportunities for the region’s residents through the development and promotion of thematic culinary trails. To start in 2019, CRAFT will be developing both an apple and grain trail, including local farms, markets, restaurants, and other food businesses. In 2020, the project’s focus will transition to fermentation and charcuterie.