Product Development

Through the utilization of the Kitchen Lab, CRAFT is dedicated to helping local farmers, food businesses, and entrepreneurs with recipe testing and product development, in order to create market-ready products for today's consumers.

CRAFT and Chatham University’s Food Studies program are currently partnering with Tomanetti's Food Products and Weatherbury Farm to create a hyper-local pizza. The students are tasked with taking this product through the entire product development cycle, with the ultimate goal of having a product ready to be manufactured, all while utilizing local ingredients. Currently, students are using grains from Weatherbury Farm to develop a recipe for a local pizza crust that can be manufactured in large quantities.

CRAFT also plans to work with Weatherbury Farm to create a local pancake mix and a fresh pasta product, utilizing the vast variety of grains grown Organically on their farm. 

Students in the Masters of Food Studies program have also experimented with their own products, ranging from infused honey, rye flour, pickled vegetables, ferments, and heirloom popcorn. They have also previously collaborated with Wigle Whiskey to create whiskey products, and La Prima Espresso Co. to create a unique espresso blend.